Fezz Mira Ceti Mono Power Amplifier


The Mira Ceti 300B is one of the few Single Ended (SE) tube amplifiers in the world made with toroidal speaker transformers.

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New Mira Ceti 300b mono power amplifier A-class is based on legendary direct heated triode 300b vacuum tubes. In standard equipped with anti-vibration feet, adapted to the weight of the device. Backlight logo. Easily accessible fuses protecting the amplifier in case of a power tube failure. Thanks to PSE Parallel Single Ended circuit archtecture and specialy designed output transformer it provides 15W and low THD distortions. Match with dedicated Sagita line pre-amplifier guarantee outstanding sound performace for a reasonable price.

Bias adjustement type:
stereo vacuum tube amplifier
Max. output power:
1 x 15W
Circuit type:
Single Ended klasa A
Output impedance:
4Ω / 8Ω
1 x RCA
Harmonic distortions THD:
< 0,4%
Frequency response:
20Hz-45kHz (-3dB)
Power consumption:
AC fuse:
3,15A T
Net weight:
300b x 2 (power output), 6SN7 x 2 (pre-amplifier and power drivers) Autobias
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