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TOROIDY.PL Transformatory L. Lachowski Spółka Komandytowa hereby informs that on 22.12.2020 an agreement was signed for funding of the project titled “Increase of competitiveness and innovativeness of TOROIDY.PL Transformatory L. Lachowski Spółka Komandytowa through the implementation of a design strategy Sub-measure 1.4: Design for competition – Stage II, Operational Programme of Eastern Poland co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Priority Axis I.

Project objective: strengthening competitiveness of the company through increasing the potential in the scope of a skilful design management and using it in the company’s activity.

Project results: With the use of modern equipment and technological solutions, the company will manufacture new models of tube amplifiers meeting the highest world standards of functionality and design and complying with the trends of the audio industry.

Thanks to the project, the company will implement:

  • improved standard class tube amplifiers,
  • new standard class tube amplifiers,
  • new premium class tube amplifiers,
  • a remote device control service via a mobile application,
  • a logo facelift and new visual identity for the Fezz Audio brand,
  • rebranding and new audio visual communication of the Toroidy brand.

Project value: 2 788 248,98 PLN
European Funds contribution: 1 586 808, 35 PLN
Contract no.: POPW.01.04.00-20-0006/20-00

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